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  • Kate Malone Hesser

Review: Vittles Coffee in Bradford, Vermont

If you have not been to Bradford, Vermont in a while or ever, I encourage you add it to your list. As you walk along Main Street, the sound of the Waits River Falls lulls you into the peaceful pace of this unique downtown. There is nothing you don't need in Bradford: no hand-painted sneakers for babies; no socks with snarky sayings; no pets-only bakeries. Don't get me wrong - I love all of that. Drop me on a strip of novelty shops any day and I will be happy as a dog in a "pupcake" shop. There is just something about a place that is a combination of a place you want to visit - and a place that doesn't need visitors to exist.

On a Friday morning there was ample foot-traffic moving between the diverse handful of restaurants, the Suds your Duds laundromat, Bliss grocery and deli, an antique shop, and a co-working space. Main Street is a classic New England downtown, but with a modern character, evolving to meet the needs of it residents. My destination, Vittles Coffee, may be one of the best example of that blend on the street.

Vittles opened in a space that once upon a time was called The Local Buzz. The Buzz was the type of place where you would choose your mug from a mismatched collection and could pleasantly worn couch playing one of their assorted board games for a whole rainy afternoon. They served breakfast sandwiches and homemade pastries that varied with the seasons. Where the Buzz was cozy and familiar, Vittles Coffee is sleek and sophisticated. The decor features dark blue bead board, sturdy black cafe chairs, and lots of pen and ink artwork, much of it featuring Ouija boards. The staff is incredibly personable and are clearly skilled baristas. They roast their own coffee beans and make a wide variety of expresso drinks including Cortado, Amocat, and of course, a maple latte.

I was there, wait for it, for the tea. Understanding that their expertise is coffee, I was not expecting an extensive menu and I was very pleased with what I found. Under "elixirs and teas", which scored points with me because not all were teas, they offered four specialty tea drinks: A chai latte, a green goddess Matcha latte, a Golden Milk tumeric latte, and a Corinth Fog, which is an Earl Grey latte with vanilla and lavender syrups. I chose the chai latte, which I could have had hot or iced. They carry a pleasingly uncommon assortment of baked goods including baklava, homemade donuts, and mini cheesecakes. I had a big piece of chilled baklava - which is my favorite way to enjoy it!

The chai was spicy and creamy and stayed hot while I took in the atmosphere and the art. I hope that over time they may start to incorporate a broader tea program, which I think would complement their fun, funky vibe. I mean, what goes better with Ouija boards than tea leaves? I am so glad I finally had the chance to experience Vittles and I will definitely be returning. As it turns out, I like my tea with a splash of the occult.

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